JavaScript for the moon.

Dogescript is a programming language that compiles into JavaScript. While JavaScript is a beautiful language, it’s not quite Doge friendly. Thankfully, Dogescript fixes that, so that your code can truly go to the moon.

Try online


shh this is dogescript

such goToTheMoon much doge
  very moon is false
  rly doge is 'a doge'
    moon is true
wow moon
plz goToTheMoon with 'a doge'

The Dogescript compiler can be installed from npm:

$ npm install -g dogescript

Getting started

Dogescript can be used either as a REPL, or as a compiler.

# Launches a REPL that evaluates Dogescript code,
# converting into Javascript on-the-fly
$ dogescript
DOGE> your dogescript here

# Dogescript files have a `.djs` extension.
# Converts `script.djs` into Javascript,
# prints to standard output
$ dogescript location/to/script.djs

# With the power of Bash, 
# you can redirect stdout into a file
$ dogescript location/to/script.djs > final.js

For more info, see the Tutorials page on the Wiki and the links below.